Thrilled to be invited back for the 10th Anniversary of Cruisin’ Country, it was a steamy, crazy night in Tamworth back in 2012 that would result in so many great times making memories and friends with Simply Bushed generally running amuck on the high sea’s !!

Loved for their raucous yet polished live shows, the unique Aussie sound combined with honest humour will leave you feeling proud to be Australian, by the end of your Cruisin’ Country 10 you will feel like an old mate of the band.

If asked, they would tell you that they play “Straylyun songs bout Stralya”, Simply Bushed is a collaboration between Paul Grierson and  Chris Rieger who write the award winning original songs with Hugh Curtis on fiddle, Dave Roberts on Drums and “The Padre”, John Healey carrying the rhythm on Bass guitar. The band started as an old fashioned bush band but has evolved into an Aussie Music experience that will stay with you long after the sailing has bought you back home !!